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The Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition (OCCC) is the official federation of pilot unions of the oneworld Alliance. At present (October 2015) there are 12 pilot associations part of this organization, representing almost 30.000 cockpit employees of either full oneworld member airlines or so called airline affiliates.

The original consortium (which started in 1997) consisted of four member associations representing the pilots from the interline/codeshare partners. The coalition was then officially founded in 1998 in Tokyo with twelve pilots associations as the Alliance Coalition, thereby over one year before the official launch of the oneworld Alliance. In the following years oneworld continued to grow, which also increased the amount of unions taking part in the OCCC (nevertheless some unions had to leave due to changes in the oneworld airline structure).


OCCC’s primary target is to protect and enhance the professional interests of pilots in the oneworld Alliance. In order to achieve that goal representatives of all participating member associations meet every six months to exchange information, knowledge and experience in the airline industry, including details of collective labour agreements, national laws and regulations.

Aside of these internal meetings OCCC intercommunicates with the International Federation of Airline Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) plus the Alliance Coalitions from Star Alliance (ASAP) and Skyteam (Skyteam Pilots Assciation), especially during the annual Joint Initiative ‚Global Pilots’ Symposium’. It is our belief that an intensive exchange in information and the developing of a common, global strategy is essential to prepare for the many challenges that pilots all over the world are certain to face in the future.

Besides cooperation and coordination of actions all members of OCCC agree to respect the legitimate efforts of each member association to secure fair agreements with their respective airlines. We have a common understanding that an objective of future agreements between member associations and management should be to acknowledge the rights of our member associations to negotiate with their respective Alliance airline without interference of influence from other Alliance partners.

For more information regarding our guide lines of work please refer to our section ‚Principles’, where you can find our „Statement Of Principles“.

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