Sindicato De Pilotos LAN - LAN Pilot’s Union (SPL)



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Sindicato de Pilotos LAN

Address: Las Hualtatas 8340, Vitacura

Región Metropolitana, Santiago, Chile

Tel 1: +56-2-272 350 95

Tel 2: +56-2-241 970 93

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Sindicato de Pilotos LAN (SPL) - LAN Pilots' Union - represents the approximately 600 pilots of Santiago-based mainline pilots of LAN, now part of LATAM Airlines Group. SPL was re-founded in April 1988, after a 15-year involuntary hiatus during the military regime of Augusto Pinochet.

SPL is the union which represents the pilots of the original unit of the LAN group of airlines (formerly LAN Chile) and is headquartered in Santiago. The union is represented by a 5-member Board of Directors, which serves 3-year terms, and is supported by full-time and part-time staff. SPL has participated in OCCC since early on in its history. The Board's activities also include relationships and coordination with the unions representing pilots of the other units of the LATAM Airlines Group: LAN Express, LAN Cargo, LAN Peru, LAN Argentina, LAN Colombia and TAM Airlines of Brazil.

SPL strives to offer a quality representation for its members, working with legislators and regulators in the advancement of the careers of professional pilots in Chile. In 2009, SPL was a key proponent and actor in the achievement of legislation which covers the special characteristics and needs of airline crew. Today, SPL is concerned about the issues which pilots working for trans-national airlines, such as LAN, face.