Statement of Principles for Alliance Coalition

1. The Associations recognise that the airline industry in general, and our Associations in particular are rapidly evolving toward a global airline network. WE recognise our airlines desire to maximise the potential of their alliances with each other. We understand this will have significant long-term effects on the pilots and flight engineers we represent, the airlines we fly for and our fellow employees.

2. We also understand the vital importance of ensuring that the management of airlines do not use these alliances to leverage one pilot group against other pilot groups, or as a tool to diminish the legitimate career expectations of the pilots and flight engineers represented by our Member Associations, or as a tool to transfer the work currently done by pilots and flight engineers represented by one Member Association to pilots and flight engineers in another Member Association, or as a means to weaken the bargaining position or unity of the coalition or strike or other industrial action by our Member Associations.

3. We agree that each Association should continue to protect the reasonable current career expectations of its members. We agree that the increased future job opportunities that may arise from successful Alliances, should be shared in a reasonable fair and equitable manner. We agree that the members of our Member Associations should not suffer a loss of expectations or future opportunities as a result of their airlines participation in Alliances.

4. The objectives of our Associations are:

5. The Member Associations and the pilots and flight engineers we represent believe mutual cooperation and unity of purpose are essential to protect our mutual professional interests. To further our mutual goals, the Member Associations commit to establish the necessary procedures for a timely exchange of information between our Member Associations and to meet on a regular basis and as events require to protect and to further our mutual professional interests: 

6. We agree to respect the legitimate efforts of each Member Association to secure fair agreements with their respective airlines. It is understood that an objective of future agreements between our Member Associations and management should be to acknowledge the rights of our Member Associations to negotiate with their respective Alliance airline without interference of influence from other Alliance partners.

7. As a fundamental principle, our Associations pledge to use all lawful, reasonable and appropriate actions to resist any effort by any Alliance airline to cause any Member Association to perform work normally done by pilots and flight engineers represented by another Member Association. We agree to seek provisions in our respective agreements with management that prevent our airlines from requiring any Member Associations’ pilots and flight engineers to perform the work normally done by the pilots and flight engineers represented by another Member Association. In the event such protective provisions are not secured or are breached after they have been secured, the Member Associations agree to take all lawful and reasonable actions to refrain from performing the work normally done by another Member Association.

8. Each Member Association shall designate an Official who shall have primary responsibility for liaison with the Coalition


OCCC’s ‚Statement Of Principles’ is our every day guide line as a coalition and has been verbalized and subscribed in 1998. Since then every member association ratified the statement and accepted the content as a general rule for OCCC’s collaboration.

Want to have a look a the original coalition statement (PDF) from 1998?

Click here.

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