Japan Airlines Flightcrew Union (JFU)

The Japan Airlines Flight Crew Union (JFU) is the largest of the 3 flight crew unions at Japan Airlines and represents a total of approximately 1400 out of the approximate 2500 captains, copilots, former flight engineers and cadets that belong to Japan Airlines.


The JFU was established in 1954 as the representing union of all the Japanese flight crew that belonged to Japan Airlines. In 1970, JAL management designated all Captains as management personnel stripping their rights of all labor actions. All captains were forced to leave the union and for a long time JFU was a flight crew union without captain membership (most Japan Airlines captains now belong to the later formed Japan Airlines Captain Association).

This changed in 2010 when JFU merged with the flight crew union of the former Japan Air System (Japan Pilots Union) subject to the merger of the two airlines. The members of the former Japan Air System, including the captains, transferred to the JFU making it the largest flight crew union at Japan Airlines.

Broad Objective

JFU forms part of the Japanese Airline Pilots Association (ALPAJ ) and works in close connection with other groups within the aviation industry in order to provide protection and continually improve the rights and working conditions of professionals within the industry.




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Japan Airlines Flightcrew Union

Address: No.1 Terminal Building 1F

332 Haneda Airport

144-0041, Ota-ku Tokyo

Tel 1: +81(0)3-6423-2461 (Haneda Office)

Tel 2: +81(0)476-34-3932 (Narita Office)