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The Airline Pilots' Guild of Sri Lanka (ALPGSL), who's predecessor was the Ceylon Airline Pilots' Association (CALPA), initially formed ranks in the early 1950s with the formation of Air Ceylon, in 1947. As a result of stark discrimination to which the local pilots were subjected to by the then KLM management, the locals banded together to form the CALPA and subsequently, were the root cause for the expulsion of the said management.

With the introduction of the first jets to Air Ceylon, CALPA fractured and later united again, as the Air Ceylon Pilots' Guild (ACPG). As Air Lanka was formed in 1979, it was decided that ACPG would be an inappropriate name for the representation of it's pilots and therefore, the Airline Pilots' Guild of Sri Lanka was born.

Fast becoming a formidable entity, it is now one of the most respected unions in the Country due to its professionalism and dedication displayed towards the betterment of its membership.

Achievements and Objectives

The achievements of ALPGSL over its near seven decade history are many. Giant strides have been made for example in the recent past by means of the successful implementation of a Fatigue Risk Managemnet System at SriLankan Airlines. Research and evaluation has also been done on the approval process for the acceptance of percutaneous coronary intervention (stents) by the contracting authority. Additional steps have also been taken towards discussions with the company regarding the adaptation of a Flight Data Privacy policy.

The ALPGSL, from its inception as the CALPA, was originally formed to cater to the needs of the pilots of the legacy carrier. However, due to the fast growing number of aviators within the country, ALPGSL is working on a long term goal to incorporate representation of all national airlines under one single ALPGSL umbrella.




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ALPGSL Sri Lanka Office

Address: 2216/45 Diyawanna Place

Welikada, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 288 4744

Fax: +94 77 301 1893