Allied Pilots Association (APA)

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Allied Pilots Association (APA) serves as the certified collective bargaining agent for all 10,000 American Airlines pilots. APA was founded in 1963 and is the largest independent pilots’ union in the world. APA provides a broad range of representation services for its members, and also devotes more than 20 percent of its dues income to support aviation safety.

Representation Services

APA provides all of the traditional union representation services for its members. This includes the lobbying of airline pilots views to the United States Congress and government agencies. In addition, it devotes more than 20 percent of its dues income to support aviation safety.


Organizationally, APA is led by three National Officers, president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer, elected by the membership at large to serve three-year terms, working out of the association’s headquarters office. The Board of Directors consist of a chairman and vice chairman of the airline's nine domiciles, serves as the policy-making body for the association. The board meets at least three times each year, with the fall meeting constituting the annual meeting.

The association has numerous active committees made up of pilot volunteers that focus on key facets of a pilot’s working life. These committees include Aeromedical, Appeal Board, Benefits Review, Captain’s Authority, Communications, Contract Compliance, Family Awareness, Financial Audit, Hotel, Information Technology, International Alliance, Jumpseat Non-Rev, Legislative Affairs, Membership, Negotiating, Pension, Pilot Mutual Aid, Political Action, Professional Standards, Safety & Training, Scholarship fund, Scope, Strike Preparedness, and Technical Analysis & Scheduling.


Allied Pilots Association

Address: 14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500

Fort Worth, Texas


Tel: +1 817 302 2272




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